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Allow me to introduce myself

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Greetings Beloved, its me Shannon.

I've created this space where I get to be my Authentic self, through what I love, all things "Erthy". For me this means connecting with Mother Earth. I love communing with plants, all of their beauty and healing powers, both physically and spiritually. I'm also in love with the heavens, the moon, sun and the stars. This IS who I am "Erthy Bruja".

The original meaning of the word witch, is a wise woman, a healer and one who works with nature. Working with nature is in my ancestral DNA. I've opened up to my truth as a bruja (witch). I'm faithful and true to the work that I do .

You maybe asking, "how or why I came up with the name "Erthy Bruja"?" Well it was my sister who gave me the name. I'd been on social media for a while and was using my given name as IAmShannonLP and it worked. But it wasn&