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How to use your Spiritual Bath

This is what I do feel free to add to or take away whatever you feel the need to. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you like. Add fresh flowers or herbs, corresponding to your intentions of corse.

1. Set the space- AFTER you’ve taken your hygiene shower. Clean the bathroom put out any trash or dirty laundry.

2. 🔥Place (corresponding color) candles safely around your tub or anywhere else in the bathroom use ⚠️fire safety ⚠️

3. 💨 choose a inscent that corresponds with your intentions. Also some sounds YouTube is full of meditations find one that suits you.

4. 🌎Place crystals that also correspond with your intentions.

5. 🌊 run your bath water add your ErthyBruja Spiritual Bath. Use at least 3 hands full.

This is a great time to call on the spirits you work with to come into your space, and also time to speak your decree over your bath. Submerge yourself in the water ( I do it 3 times you do what you feel lead to 3 5 7🤷🏽‍♀️)

Remember to visualize your desires feel what they feel like. Once you’re done and you feel that you’re ready to end your bath DO NOT GET OUT UNTIL ALL OF THE WATER HAS RUN OUT. Visualize all that no longer serves you going down the drain.

Remember to journal your experience before and after your bat, writing it down is powerful in itself.

May you manifest your desires, many blessings 🙏🏼💚💚💚


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