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Show me the MONEY!!!

Abundant blessings Beloved Happy New Moon (black moon) As I moved though my morning preparing for this evening‘s ritual, smudging putting a prosperity boil on the stove washing the windows and floors. Spirut lead me to do a ritual for my ErthyBruja family. It’s free of charge and should you NOT want to be included just let me know. Also should you have a specific prosperity desire send me those details so I can include them in the ritual to insure that we are calling in the same things.

Many Blessings


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Erthy Bruja
Erthy Bruja
05 de ago. de 2019

Our candle finished up today just in time to say thank you to the New Moon Energy 🙏🏼💚💚💚I am excited to hear your prosperity reports


Erthy Bruja
Erthy Bruja
01 de ago. de 2019

Last night was ahhhhmazing and beautiful many blessings to you all 🙏🏼💚💚💚

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