Floor washing is a regular practice in a spiritual home. Conjuredr.com says, “Cleansing your home with a floor wash is one of the most traditional and effective ways to get rid of curses and clear the house of any powders that have been sprinkled, or of any dark spirits or entities that may be present. Burning some sage isn't enough to clear away these influences. You need to wash that floor, the good old fashioned hoodoo way. It's also common to cleanse your home with a floor wash immediately after taking a magical bath so that both your body and your home are cleansed and protected.” 


I'd like to add that it serves me well to cleans my floors after my spritual bath I just feel the magick moving throug my space when my home and my spritual body has been cleaned.

Floor/Window Wash

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  • I have carefully selected herbs and oils to blend just the right mix of clearing and protecting powers. This floor/window wash is what I use in my own home on a regular basis.