Each oil is handcrafted and charged with specific intention, corresponding herbs, essential oils, crystals and moon water.

Each has been prayed and meditated over. This to aid you in acheivng your desired result.

We use the gifts that the Goddess Gaia gives us. We do our best to use the cleanest supplies possible to create the purest products possible.

Anointing/Manifesting Oils

SKU: AO300
  • FAQ:

    "How do I use the oils?"

    ***First thing speak over, pray over, enchant your oil and tell it what YOUR intentions are.***

    Anointing oils are very versitle, they can be used in the following ways:

    Anoint-your body-petitions-crystals-candles-talisman-amulit-car-cash-credit cards and much much more

    Add it to-diffusers(NOT THE HERBS)-bath water-shampoo-hand soap-laundry.

    This is your majick get creative, just be safe.