What is  jar magick?

A sweer jar (honey jar) is a spell to sweeten a situation, relationship or YOU!
I recomend everyone sweeten themselves over working on someone else, free will an all. 
The sweet jar is crafted to sweent you right up Beloved. It will draw the sweetness into your life. 

A Money jar works in a similar manner. It’s worked to attract financial gain into your life. Use it to build your business or get a raise on your job. 

The jars comes ready to work, just write your decree(petition) and place it inside the jar, and *feed it for at least one moon cycle (full moon to full moon of that same zodiac or new moon to new moon) place a lit candle on top and let go! Let the Universe work. Set it and for get it. 
Storage- keep the jar in safe quite place like your altar or nite stand away from prying eyes.
Disposal/releasing - When you are satisfied with your jar and ready to release it, simply choose your elemlent of choice Earth-Bury it just be eco friendly and remove the contents of the jar and recycle the jar. Fire/Air Burn it (be safe and fire conscious) offer the ashes to the wind. Water- pour the contents into a body of water lake or river (again recycle the jar)
*Feeding the jar is adding additonal sweet or favorites to the jar. For money add items that correspond with money the jar.

For example a teaspoon of sugar or honey (works better)  a spritz of your fav perfume. Add coins or a blank check get creative what makes you feel posh? Add it to the jar. Now pray over it, and light a candle ontop of it.

Magick Jar

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